12 incredible ideas that will make you try them at least once in a life time!

There is a saying that Necessity is the mother of invention. According to Einstein every human is a genius. So, the creativity of a human being becomes the strongest when he or she is in a crisis. Crisis makes a person to survive and it brings out the little devil’s of our mind and it comes up with brilliant exceptional ideas to fix it or survive the situation like a pro. Hence, gathering all those incredible ideas we henceforth present you some tried and tested ideas which you surely want to try once in a lifetime.
1. Want a swing chair but financial condition of yours doesn’t support you? Well, there you go.

This idea came from a person who did not have enough money to afford an armchair but had some wonderful ideas to make it for himself. After he took a regular chair from his dining and made a rocking platform beneath it and with a little paint job on it, nobody couldn’t even understand that it was not actually a rocking chair.

2. When you are a beverage lover.

When you are a beverage lover and buy a lot of them particularly in crates, so, from next time instead of throwing them away arrange them in such creative way to make a sofa out of it.

3. Functional soap dispenser.

This really got too good to be bad. Once your soap dispenser goes off try pasting a soap dispenser from a shop on the actual dispenser which will do the job for the time being.

4. Rollerblade bike wheel.

This guy lost his front wheel of his bicycle and was running on low budget which made him think it hard and came up with a quite creative idea. He made his two-wheeler into a five-wheeler by using his roller-skates at the place of his front wheel. It looks quite fun unless he needs to turn or stop or maybe hit a bump.

5. Or you can replace the front wheel with a shopping cart.

Till now you must be loving these creative and brilliant ideas. Recycling and creativity is everywhere when you need to repair your ride with more purposeful and practical. He attached a shopping cart in the front of his bicycle which serves the purpose of both the front wheel as well as a storage space which looks both cool and practical. It surely draws a good amount of attention in the public roads.

6. When mechanical engineers took their class too seriously.

It might look very funny though but this mod on this Audi really works. It seems that this automobile engineer took those physics classes very seriously and did this to this car. It is now a three-wheeler rather than a four-wheeler in particular. You might need a license of a motorcycle to drive it down the lane. Still it’s quite creative.

7. Broken wall clocks?

This seems to be a real masterpiece though. The wall clock somehow broke and instead of changing it the owner fixed it in such a way that coated him barely any money. It is so creative and hilarious that anybody would burst into laughter as soon as he or she sees it. You can surely try this instead of spending some extra bucks for a new clock.

8. Do we need taps anymore these days?

After looking at this incredibly creative idea I don’t think the plumbers will need to do much of labours. And surely those tap manufacturing companies will surely suffer a great amount of loss. Just put a straw at the fag end of the main pipe with a holder and you are good to go.

9. DIY iron for lazyheads.

When you seem to be very very poor to even afford an iron to iron those shirts after washing them, use this really handy as well as creative trick to iron them easily and swiftly. Use a saucepan with hot water in it and run it over the wrinkled shirt to iron it. This is a cool hack and also doesn’t consume any electricity.

10. Tennis ball suspension lift.

It appears to be very strange, but it seems that people might be using this. It appears that this technique of stuffing tennis balls inside a suspension increases the stiffness and boosts the stock spring in stock class.

11. Table made right.

You don’t have a tea-table, no problem at all, just use you old TV in that way in the picture instead of selling it in a cheap price. It looks so cool and just adds so much uniqueness to your place as anybody had ever imagined.

12. Brooms are supposed to be the best wipers. Aren’t they?

Got your wiper of your front or rear windshield broken? No problem at all, your don not need to spend any money at all. Just fix a small broom at the rotating stalk of the wiper and you are good to go. It will serve the purpose so well that you haven’t ever imagined. It looks unique and just your broom will get your job done just easily.

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