12 Signs which to confirm if you’re physically and mentally exhausted

Today’s life is busy as hell so it is quite natural for us to get exhausted soon. Now you can be physically or mentally exhausted from your daily routine. You should understand how important is it to reboot your system so that you can start all over again with a fresh new mindset. No, this does not mean that you are quitting it’s just that your mind and body needs a vacation from work. Being exhausted you will not be able to work that efficiently. So it becomes important for us to understand the fact and know are you really exhausted or not and this needs your real attention. Mental and physical exhaustion can have an effect on your health too.
Below are the 12 signs which might help you figure out whether you are really mentally and physically exhausted:

1.Every single thing bothers  and you are too quick to feel irritated for no such reason. Isn’t it? If yes, this is a nascent stage.

2.You are no longer the person who you used to be. You are not as motivated as you were few months back. You feel the world crashing upon you.

3.Anxiety attack is a real trouble which you may face if you are exhausted from within. You catch up a fight with anyone and at anything. This needs your attention.

4.It’s 3 a.m and you cannot stop thinking about life. Insecurities, self-doubt and every single problem creeps in and won’t let you sleep. This is directly proportional to your mental exhaustion.

5.You cannot understand what’s happening around you and every single thing bothers you. You tend to get emotional and blame it all on you. This is a sign that you are exhausted and your mind is not ready to take it now and needs some rest from your daily routine. are in middle of some important discussion and you feel dizzy every now and then. You cannot concentrate at all and the tiredness wont go.

7.You have become a more emotional person than who you were and you start crying on petty issues too for absolutely no reason. You have become a little more sensitive and emotionally weak.

8.You have no idea what’s going on in your friend’s life. You have become a loner and you don’t know what’s happening around you. You no longer think about your aims and goal which used to be an important part of your life.

9.There is a drastic change in your apetite. None of your favourite food is driving you towards it. You have lost interest in food which you used to love. Plus, you start loosing or gaining weight all of a sudden.

10.You cannot concentrate on your work. Your mind won’t stop thinking and these thoughts are stuck in your brain.

11.You have those creepy negative thoughts about ending life. But that’s no solution because this is no solution to any problem and you are a fighter and this bad phase will soon be gone. Be positive and think about those good days and your family.

12.You think more about failure than success. You think about the failures and blame it all on youself which may not be the real reason and only your perception.

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