Collection of 12 pictures which will break your belief in stereo type

Our mind has an own set of imagination . When we try to imagine something , our brain starts playing games by creating the image according to the things we have learnt , heard or have been seeing . We perceive things accordingly . Suppose , when we try to think about a scientist , our brain perceives it in its own way and starts creating an image of a man with those huge glasses on eye with curly hairs and what not . But , that’s not what reality is as scientist are normal looking people . It is just a game which our brain loves to play with us .
Scroll down below and watch your faith on few stereotypes disappear in a moment :


You thought millionaires are not normal looking people . Well, the picture on left with DiCaprio creates an illusion of how a millionaire is supposed to look like . But in reality , the picture on right with Mark Zuckerberg proves the theory wrong . Not all billionaires and millionaires are always in suits and dressed up and live a lavish life . Few of them believe in simplicity being the best policy .


There are few movies which portray scientist as crazy looking people with strange behavior and looks . But , in reality scientists are not mad and don’t put on their coats 24*7 . This misconception was clarified by this beautiful and a very normal looking scientist who seems to be sophisticated and well mannered in reality .


The word “police” is enough for us to imagine how rough and tough these people are according to our imagination that we seldom forget that they too are normal human beings are out here to protect us . Meanwhile , they love clicking selfies too .


We believe that programmers are probably the most boring people on earth which are always hooked onto their computers . In reality , the person on right , Roman Inavov is a real life programmer who seems to be a colorful person and loves enjoying life .


Imagionation v/s Reality !!! On the right , it’s a cat called Stubbs who was the mayor of Talkeetna , Alaska for straight 19 years .


Real life is very different from fantasy and none seems to match . This picture is a proof to it . According to our imagination , a princess needs to sober , calm and poise but the picture on right with princess Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips breaks this stereotype . The princess belongs to the royal family and is 16th on the line for the throne . She is not at all fond of wearing the fairytale dress and shows her potential in horse racing and has even won World Championship .

Yoga Teachers

When you think about a Yoga teacher , a female with the “ohh so perfect body “ pops into your brain who probably have the best physique . But , we have Yasmin Stanley who will break all the stereotypes and remove the misconceptions from minds !! She is a firm believer that you don’t have to be lean for doing Yoga you just need to accept yourself .


Thinking of a rockstar always brings Hippie into our mind with those big locks and lean body and unique attitude . Well , Rockstars can be sophisticated too Jared Leto gave us a proof to that by wearing one of the most decent cloth .


No, doctors are not necessarily old and experienced people . Doctors can be young and handsome too !!


Teachers are as crazy as their students as they were once students too . They are not necessarily the most strict people on earth !!


Thinking about a biker will definitely give you imaginations about a stud riding a bike . But , in reality bikers can be ladies too and this stereotype was broken by Leslie Porterfield who holds the record for world speed motorcyclist with a speed of 374.208 km/hr .


Well, there are times when the stereotypes don’t contradict and is on point .

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