Top 9 warnings which indicate it’s time to let go of a relationship

A starts for a reason and ends for a reason. Some might give it a lot of importance whereas some might be very casual about it. But, mostly people find it very hard to get into a relationship and at the same time finds it very difficult to let it go. At times, it becomes so annoying for individuals that it’s better to let it go than be in that relationship. After all its you who must take the ultimate decision about what you want and what you don’t want. So, choosing the perfect partner for yourself must be as independent as taking all those vital decisions of life.

  1. In case you feel demotivated or don’t feel positive after having a conversation

For a relationship to stay intact, it is very important for the two to be supportive and understanding. In case you reach a point of time when the positive sides of your relationship are sporadic, then it might to be the high time to let it go. Reaching this very point you might hit a point when you start avoiding the person while hoping to keep everything in place in the relationship. It might sound a bit crazy thinking that avoiding each other might work. But, actually it’s not a healthy relationship at all.

2.In case you cannot rely or depend upon them

Dependence is necessary, but depending too much on someone leads to problem in a relationship. Couples who are not dependable find an assortment of excuses very frequently. However, behaving in the same manner consistently usually mean only one thing which is they are not dependable at all. Those people who are not dependable are usually not a person to give the worth of your presence.Now , when a person doesn’t give your worth of your presence is hard to live with and perhaps, it’s the time to let it go off.

3.If the person breaks your trust frequently without any hesitation

Trust is the base of all relationship. If you trust each other blindly, it’s good but you never know what the person on your other side is actually thinking or doing. So, gaining trust and retaining it throughout is a great job. It acts as the foundation upon which a relationship is built. It’s their fault when the person whom you trust with all your heart breaks your trust continuously even for small things. Most of the person blame themselves for having trusted the wrong person. But, thinking like this is very wrong although it’s quite natural. By seeing these, you gain experience by using which you can later determine the right person whether or not someone is really trustworthy. It is not wholly a loss, either you will have a great relationship or you will learn a valuable lesson. So, at the end of the day trust is everything in a relationship to start in the first place.

4.  If the person is inconsistent with their behaviour

Behaviour is one of the many things which needs to be consistent for a healthy relationship. In case, either of the person in the relationship facing inconsistent behaviour gives a negative sign to the relationship. It depends solely on your independent decision whether the inconsistent behaviour virtue a termination of relationship. It is natural to have flaws as no person under the sun is perfect. But, it is the person who is ready to accept these flaws and to what extent and continues to allow them in the relationship to influence. You must evaluate the health of your relationship only by means of your hold upon it and how good you feel about the decisions made by you.

5.If they don’t prioritize the relationship

People in a relationship will never put up a fact by saying that they are busy to do other works and doesn’t have time for the relationship. These things will also gradually grow upon you as the number of get together and night out starts to decrease drastically without any reason. In the course of a relationship if any of the two is unwilling to make the least amount of time for the other , like a quick call or a small text, then it’s your time to move on as , they are showing complete indifference although it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth you need to engulf if you are in a relationship at some point of time.

6. If the person becomes excessively needy at times

However old your relationship might be, don’t be dependent on your partner excessively. If you notice that your partner is growing more and more dependent on you then, it’s a legit sign of neediness. Neediness is not good for your relationship as it drains you of your time and energy. This also includes the time and energy which is necessary to maintain other relationships and take care of your own at times. Those who seem to be incessantly needy always ask you for pampering. If your relationship begins to feel somewhat like this then, it’s high time that you let go the relationship and reconsider why you have been in that relationship in the first place.

7.  In case you need to force your partner to care

In a genuine relationship the care for each other will come automatically. A relationship has a core of two individuals who love and care for each other to live their lives together. Apparently it seems very easy for someone to come into your life and tell you that they love you, but in reality it becomes ten times harder for the same man or woman who had approached to prove it that his or her love is consistent. Those people who actually choose to stay in your life will show their concern and love towards you very slowly and steadily. These type of people should be the ones whom you must look for in your life.

8. In case they are not a serious listener

When a person is in a serious relationship they must be a serious listener. It indicates that the one who listens to you seriously everything you speak values your views and opinions and will make your presence a priority which includes the time when you are trying to have a conversation. Certainly it is quite unacceptable for the individuals to show some general apathy when you speak of something and try to redirect the conversation back into themselves, completely disrespecting or ignoring your feelings. When you experience such kind of behaviour from someone you must understand that it’s time to let go that relationship.

9. If you change yourself according to her choice when you are around her

Self-potraying must be your cup of tea to be in a long lasting relationship. You must not bring a fake personality in you to accommodate someone. Fake personalities would not last much longer as it’s quite exhausting at the first place and it is like a telltale sign that the relationship is not consensual. It is not very obvious that the person should verbalize their dissatisfaction with you or its you who would innately change yourself for him or her to accept you, which doesn’t work her at all. what that matters is you do not hesitate to be yourself and must not feel uncomfortable at doing this at any given circumstances.

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